1. What To Do In Case Of An Asthma Attack

    There’s never a good time to have an asthma attack and sometimes we don’t even know what started it. Asthma attacks are no minor problem and you should always be aware of the situation to make sure that you react in the best way possible to avoid any major complication. At The Asthma And Allergy Center of Corpus Christi, we strive to provide you with the right information and education so you …Read More

  2. Getting sick with the flu. Using tissues and staying hydrated to combat the virus.

    Flu Season Is Close – Tips To Prevent The Flu

    The flu, also known as influenza, is a seasonal virus that manifests in cooler seasons. In the U.S., the flu season is considered to start in October and starts dissipating around May; however, the virus can be transmitted year-round.   The influenza virus can be transmitted in different ways and it’s most commonly spread by droplets made when people who are infected cough, sneeze, or talk. The…Read More

  3. 5 Tip For Asthma Prevention

    Asthma is a condition that affects the respiratory system directly. The condition’s main problem is the swelling and narrowing of your airways and also the production of mucus giving the airways in your lungs less space to transport air. This can trigger shortness of breath and wheeze, making your breathing more difficult. Coughing can also be triggered by asthma and asthma attacks.   Like many…Read More

  4. 4 Tips To Help You During The COVID-19 Pandemic

    Amidst the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, The Allergy and Asthma Center of Corpus Christi brings together information that can be useful to those who suffer from asthma and want to know the best practices to avoid the virus and protect their respiratory system. Here are four tips that you may find useful to stay safe and healthy during these trying times. Follow Your State And County Regulations…Read More

  5. 5 Tips To Weed Out Spring Allergies

    Spring comes back around once more to show us the beauty of nature. All the blooming flowers, the tall grass, and the luscious trees make us feel that we are part of a movie set until our allergies start making an appearance. The constant nose drip, itchiness, and sneezing are enough to ruin an enjoyably sunny and beautiful day outside. There are some tips that you can follow to assist you with th…Read More

  6. Tips for Reducing Allergic Reactions

    For those who suffer from allergies, allergic reactions are no minor thing. In fact, they can sometimes be life-threatening events. With that in mind, we’ll take a look at some of the ways that you can reduce allergic reactions for yourself and others in your household. At The Allergy and Asthma Center of Corpus Christi, we have been serving patients for more than 25 years. Whether you are new t…Read More

  7. What to Expect During an Allergy Test

    For many people, allergies are an annoying fact of life that they deal with every day. Whether their allergies are caused by seasonal factors or are related to specific foods, there are a number of things that can cause allergic reactions. If you suspect that you might be developing allergies, then we encourage you to schedule an appointment with The Allergy and Asthma Center of Corpus Christi tod…Read More

  8. How to Recognize an Allergic Reaction

    The holidays are officially upon us, and you probably have parties that you plan to attend, as well as maybe even host. Every good party has a variety of foods to choose from, and most people with allergies know what to avoid. Sometimes, however, a seemingly harmless dish could have one ingredient that tips the scale and causes an allergic reaction. Maybe you don’t suffer from allergies, but hav…Read More

  9. Common Causes Of Summertime Rashes In Children

    Summer is a magical time of the year for children. It is a time for exploring and adventuring, for catching tadpoles and flying kites. The summer months are a time for campfires and smores, and hanging out all night with friends at sleepovers. While summer may be at an end, its effects can linger on in the form of skin rashes that children have developed from all those hours of playing outside. Th…Read More