1. The 3 Most Common Allergens In Texas

    Everything’s bigger in Texas, including allergens. If you’re among the thousands of Texans suffering from allergies, it’s important to know that you’re not alone. At The Allergy & Asthma Center of Corpus Christi, we’ve helped hundreds of children and adults pinpoint their allergies and remedy their symptoms using the latest and innovative allergy treatments. While living in the great…Read More

  2. Top 3 Skin Rashes In Adults, Part One

    Have you been constantly itching the same patch of skin for days or even weeks? At The Allergy and Asthma Center of Corpus Christi, we understand how frustrating skin problems and rashes can be. If you can’t stop scratching an itchy rash, it could be due to a variety of external factors, but sometimes the root cause of your itching can be hard to identify without the help of an allergy expert. W…Read More

  3. Common Signs & Triggers of Allergies In Children

    If your child is always sneezing and coughing, or they’ve developed a rash after eating a specific food, they could be suffering from allergies. While any child can develop allergies, they are more common in children whose families have a history of allergic reactions. At The Allergy and Asthma Center of Corpus Christi, we’ve helped hundreds of parents pinpoint their child’s allergies throug…Read More

  4. Tips for Avoiding Allergies

    Allergies affect nearly 50 million Americans every year. If you have ever suffered from allergies, you know that they can severely disrupt your day-to-day life. Here, we will look at some tips for avoiding allergies. Know exactly what you are allergic to The first step to effectively avoiding allergic reactions is to pinpoint which allergens affect you. If you don’t know what is causing your all…Read More

  5. Diagnosing A Child With Asthma

    If you have a child with asthma in Texas, you know how scary it can be to watch your little one suffer from a chronic disease. The majority of children who experience symptoms of asthma, such as coughing, shortness of breath, and wheezing, usually develop the disease before the age of five. If you have a child who is currently suffering from asthma symptoms, our professionals at The Allergy and As…Read More

  6. Recognizing Allergy Symptoms

    Many people suffer from allergies without even realizing the root cause of their misery. Allergy symptoms are persistent, unlike the common cold, and will not subside until the allergens that are triggering them are removed from the environment, or you begin a treatment plan to combat them. In this blog, we will look at some of the most common allergy symptoms to help you recognize them a little b…Read More

  7. Our Corpus Christi Allergy Clinic Can Help With Many Skin Issues

    You might think you can only see a dermatologist for your skin-related issues. While that's often the best choice for your skin, there are many skin issues that are allergy-related and can be treated by our Corpus Christi allergy clinic. Many people don't realize that their itchy, bumpy, red skin is the result of allergy issues that could be easily dealt with by making an appointment with our offi…Read More

  8. Three Things You Can Do Around the House to Ease Indoor Allergy Symptoms

    Indoor allergies can be especially difficult to control. While those with food or pet allergies can avoid those allergens, people who suffer from indoor allergies typically cannot. There are, however, things you can do to mitigate the allergens in your home and help you breathe easier. Our Corpus Christi allergy clinic has some suggestions: Get your carpet & upholstery cleaned regularly. Your …Read More

  9. Is it a Cold or Is It Allergies?

    Many people who suffer from allergies think they are actually suffering from the symptoms of a cold. Unfortunately, this can lead them to treatments that don't actually work for their allergy symptoms. So how do you tell these two issues apart? Our Corpus Christi allergy clinic offers this guide to help you determine the problem: Common Symptoms for both colds and allergies include runny or stuffy…Read More