1. The Most Common Spring Allergies

    Spring is here, and new life is all around us. But for the 20 million Americans who suffer from seasonal allergies, spring also brings itchy eyes, runny noses, nasal congestion, and constant sneezing. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, contact your Corpus Christi allergy specialist. In the meantime, here is a little info on some common springtime allergens: Tree pollen Tree pollen can begin to…Read More

  2. Understanding Hay Fever

    The Center for Disease Control estimates that nearly eighteen million adults and nearly seven million children are affected by hay fever every year. This makes it one of the most common ailments affecting Americans today. Chances are, you’ve heard the term “hay fever” before. But do you really know what it means? Hopefully this brief summary will help you to better identify when you are suff…Read More

  3. No Needles With Sublingual Immunotherapy

    Nothing can ruin your day quite like seasonal allergies. You know how it goes: itchy eyes, runny nose, nasal congestion, and general misery. For years, the only treatments available merely suppressed the symptoms. With the introduction of allergy shots, it became possible for sufferers of allergies to visit their Corpus Christi allergy specialist to receive a treatment that addressed the root caus…Read More

  4. The Low Down On Summer Allergies

    Summertime is usually full of fun times. Baseball games, trips to the lake, camping, hiking, bike riding… the list of summer activities is endless! There is a certain group of people who might not be looking forward to summer though. If you suffer from summer allergies, these fun activities may look more like opportunities for misery. If summer allergies are affecting your life, you need a Corpu…Read More

  5. Don’t Let Eye Allergies Get You Down

    If you are experiencing itchy red eyes that burn or water you may have eye allergies, a condition that affects millions of Americans. Many people treat their other allergies neglecting the eyes. The symptoms can occur alone or accompanied with sneezing, sniffling, or stuffy nose associated with nasal allergies. The primary type of eye allergy tends to be seasonal and can be diagnosed by our Corpus…Read More

  6. The Benefits Of Allergy Testing

    According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, over 50 million Americans are affected by allergies every year. Allergies can be inconvenient and often interfere with your quality of life, but they may also be dangerous and life-threatening. Whatever the case, consulting with a Corpus Christi allergy specialist is the first step towards relief. Our allergy tests can help dete…Read More

  7. Treat Spring Allergies With Corpus Christi Allergy Specialist

    Spring is the worst time of the year for seasonal allergies. It leaves millions of Americans miserable every year. Our Corpus Christi Allergy Specialist can help you manage your misery with ease. The biggest Spring trigger is pollen because tiny grains are released into the air by trees, grasses, and weeds for the purpose of fertilizing other plants. When those pollen grains get into the nose of s…Read More

  8. Hives Are A Sign That Something’s Not Right

    If you wake up in the morning to find that you have red, itchy spots on your face, hands, or other body parts, it's a very good indication that something isn't right inside your body. Perhaps it was something you ate the day before, or a lotion that you applied to your skin before bed. Urticaria, commonly known as hives, can be a very serious matter, with the spots lasting for a few hours to cons…Read More

  9. Your Corpus Christi Allergy Specialist Can Help with Immunodeficiency

    Struggling with allergies can be tough enough, but if your body's immune system is deficient or depleted, you could be experiencing very serious reactions and symptoms. As your Corpus Christi allergy specialist, we want to help you find success in overcoming immunodeficiency. No matter how serious or complex your condition is, we'll thoroughly evaluate your situation and help you find the best cou…Read More