1. Find Relief with Your Corpus Christi Allergy Specialist

    Many people suffer from allergies, and their reactions can range from runny noses and sneezing to angioedema, or the swelling of an area of the body. While a runny nose may just be a minor nuisance that can be treated with an over-the-counter antihistamine, angioedema and other severe allergic reactions require a more focused and intense form of treatment. At The Allergy and Asthma Center of Corpu…Read More

  2. The Most Common Questions Regarding Skin Allergy Tests

    As the Corpus Christi area's experienced allergy testing professionals, we often hear the same questions about skin allergy tests from many of our potential patients. When your doctor requests a skin allergy test to be performed it initially causes some level of anxiety as many are unsure of the procedure and are worried about what the results may indicate. Understanding just what your visit will …Read More

  3. Are Skin Allergy Tests Safe? What To Expect

    Here at The Asthma and Allergy Center Of Corpus Christi, we've been dedicated to providing excellent patient care, superb customer service, and unparalleled patient education to our entire community and then some for more than 26 years. Allergies disrupt our lives with millions of people suffering from some sort of allergy daily. While milder symptoms of allergies can be controlled with over the c…Read More

  4. Avoid An Allergic Reaction: Get A Skin Allergy Test

    It's hard to avoid an allergic reaction if you don't know what you're allergic to. Getting a skin allergy test in TX is a safe and easy way for you and your doctor to find out what you're allergic to and confirm what's causing your symptoms. Here at the Asthma And Allergy Center Of Corpus Christi, we are dedicated to providing you the best possible care and results in a comfortable environment and…Read More

  5. Common Allergy Triggers From Your Corpus Christi Allergy Specialist

    Here at The Asthma And Allergy Center Of Corpus Christi, we are dedicated to bringing you the best care possible. Our board-certified doctors have been serving the Corpus Christi area for the last 26 years and bring a great wealth of knowledge and skill to our practice as a whole. Not only do we provide exceptional patient care, but we also provide superb patient education and ideal customer servi…Read More