If you often find your life interrupted by allergies and reactions to dander, dust, and pollen, you might be at your wit’s end. If you’ve noticed that your symptoms have intensified and don’t subside as they once did, please consider visiting your Corpus Christi allergy specialist today. At The Allergy and Asthma Center of Corpus Christi, we can help pinpoint what is causing such a severe reaction, as well as the best way to combat your prolonged symptoms.

Perhaps you’ve recently discovered that certain foods that never bothered you before are now causing an allergic reaction. Changes in your diet can be both good and bad, and if you’ve recently subtracted or added a certain food, your body may be reacting in response to the change. Only with a thorough allergy evaluation can you hope to know if it’s possible to continue eating that food, or if you should just play it safe and say so long to it. We always provide compassionate and attentive care to everyone that comes through our door. If environmental controls and medications don’t assuage your symptoms, we’ll explore the option of allergy injections.

There’s no need to feel worried when you come in for your evaluation. As your Corpus Christi allergy specialist, we’ll do everything we can to make sure that you’re informed and comfortable the entire time you’re with us. If we conduct any tests in-house, we’ll monitor everything closely, so that there’s no risk for a dangerous reaction or life-threatening situation. If your allergies have you confounded, we hope you’ll come see us right away.