Many people who suffer from allergies think they are actually suffering from the symptoms of a cold. Unfortunately, this can lead them to treatments that don’t actually work for their allergy symptoms. So how do you tell these two issues apart? Our Corpus Christi allergy clinic offers this guide to help you determine the problem:

  • Common Symptoms for both colds and allergies include runny or stuffy nose and a sore throat.
  • Allergies won’t ever develop a fever as a symptom. If you are running a fever, that’s a telltale sign that there is something more going on.
  • Itchy eyes are often a sign of allergy issues that doesn’t develop with a cold or the flu.

Think about your symptoms and determine if they are a cold or an allergic reaction. If symptoms persist or worsen, you should go to your doctor in either case. If you think you may have an allergy problem, make an appointment with our Corpus Christi allergy clinic. We can help you get to the root cause of your allergy symptoms and help you start to control them. With the help of medication and the right procedures, we can lessen or even virtually eliminate your allergy symptoms.

Don’t assume your symptoms are a cold. Get the answers you need so you can get help for your symptoms. Give us a call or contact our allergy clinic through our website and schedule an appointment with our team. We’ll help you get the care that you need to overcome your allergy symptoms!