Nothing can ruin your day quite like seasonal allergies. You know how it goes: itchy eyes, runny nose, nasal congestion, and general misery. For years, the only treatments available merely suppressed the symptoms. With the introduction of allergy shots, it became possible for sufferers of allergies to visit their Corpus Christi allergy specialist to receive a treatment that addressed the root cause of their allergies. And now, there is another option: sublingual immunotherapy. This treatment works by administering a daily oral drop underneath your tongue once a day. Here are some advantages:

Treats the Cause, Not the Symptoms

The main benefit of sublingual immunotherapy is that it treats the base cause of your allergies and helps you to build an immunity to it. Most allergy treatment plans address the symptoms, which provide only temporary relief. After successful completion of sublingual immunotherapy treatment, most patients develop full immunity to the allergen that once caused them so much distress.

No Needles

Sublingual immunotherapy is perfect for those with a fear of needles, multiple allergies (dust, pollen, animals, mold, etc), or severe asthma. It is also great for children.


After your initial visit, you can continue treatment at home, on the road, or wherever you might be! It really is as simple as taking the drops orally each day. Because of this simplicity, it is much more likely for someone to follow their dosage through to completion (compared to allergy shots, which require regular clinic visits).

If you are interested in sublingual immunotherapy, contact your Corpus Christi allergy specialist today!