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As we’ve stated in previous blogs, regardless of the season, allergies never seem to leave us alone. Spring is here, and with spring comes an elevated level of pollen and other allergens in the air. Always looking to be a helpful resource to our patients, here are a few helpful things that you can do this spring to help ease the effects of spring-related allergies.

Avoid Opening Windows And Doors

We all know what it’s like to want to get a little fresh air circulating in our homes, especially when spring arrives, but in some cases this can actually make our allergies worse. Opening windows and doors for extended amounts of time can actually allow pollen and allergens to circulate in our indoor air supply, effectively making our allergies flare up even more, rather than providing us with relief. One way to offset this is to not do it at peak times, as pollen levels are typically higher between the hours of 5a.m. and 10a.m.. If you must open your windows or doors to allow a little fresh air into your home, doing so outside of this window (and before late nights) will ensure that the air that circulates will be considerably less pollen-heavy, giving you air that’s far cleaner than if you were to do so earlier in the day.

Visit Your Allergy Specialist

It’s always good to get a checkup, and checking in with your allergy specialist is no exception. Setting up an appointment with your allergist will help you know if any of your symptoms have worsened, as well as alert you to any new allergies that you may have developed since your last visit. Additionally, they will be able to give you helpful insight into things that you can do to help treat your allergies, as well as prescribe any medications that can help reduce them.

See A Corpus Christi Allergy Specialist

Those are just a few things that you can do to help make spring allergies far less worse this year. As stated earlier, the best thing to do is to check in with your allergy specialist, and at the Allergy and Asthma Center of Corpus Christi, we are ready to help you tackle allergies and enjoy everything that spring in Texas has to offer. We believe that our patients deserve quality treatment and relief, and our staff is committed to providing our patients with the best service and satisfaction. To set up an appointment with us, contact us today!