Here at The Asthma and Allergy Center Of Corpus Christi, we’ve been dedicated to providing excellent patient care, superb customer service, and unparalleled patient education to our entire community and then some for more than 26 years. Allergies disrupt our lives with millions of people suffering from some sort of allergy daily. While milder symptoms of allergies can be controlled with over the counter medicines and antihistamines, some allergy symptoms and reactions are much worse, severely impacting your quality and life and even potentially being life-threatening. Skin allergy tests here in TX are safe, smart, and easy.

Most skin allergy tests are performed with an extract, or small concentrated liquid form, that’s applied to the skin. After application to your skin, if you’re allergic to anything within the concentrate, your skin will develop a small rash and itch like a mosquito bite.

Although a skin allergy test may be mildly irritating to some people, most people will tell you that skin allergy tests don’t hurt. You may be coming into contact with allergens that you’re allergic to, but it’s only a small amount that can’t hurt you under your doctor’s supervision.

After the test, your doctor or nurse will help you clean the area and may apply a mild cortisone cream to help relief from itching. If you received a patch test instead of a topical skin test, you’ll go home with bandages that you won’t be able to get wet. You’ll go back to the doctor a couple of days later where he or she will remove the patches and monitor your skin.