It’s hard to avoid an allergic reaction if you don’t know what you’re allergic to. Getting a skin allergy test in TX is a safe and easy way for you and your doctor to find out what you’re allergic to and confirm what’s causing your symptoms. Here at the Asthma And Allergy Center Of Corpus Christi, we are dedicated to providing you the best possible care and results in a comfortable environment and in an efficient manner.

Skin allergy tests normally involve an extract (a concentrated liquid form) of common allergens such as pollen, animal dander, mold, dust mites, and foods. This extract is applied to your skin and if you’re allergic, a rash could appear that feels somewhat like a mosquito bite. There are other types of tests your doctor may perform, such as a scratch test, intradermal test, or a patch test.

How should I get ready for my skin allergy test?

It’s important to make sure that you tell your doctor about any types of medications that you’re currently taking, even over-the-counter products. Some drugs can interfere with the allergy test results so you want to be honest and open with us. If you can’t stop taking a medication, we may need to give you a separate test to see if the medicine will interfere.

If you’re taking antihistamines, they will prevent your body from having the allergic reaction we need you to have. It’s important to also stop taking these types of medicines so that your test results come back true.