How can you know what types of allergies you have if you’ve never been tested? Here at The Asthma And Allergy Center Of Corpus Christi, we’re dedicated to improving people’s quality of life who suffer from asthma and allergies. Millions of people suffer from allergy and asthma symptoms and many of those people never seek a professional’s help. While we do admit that some allergies can be managed with over the counter medications, other allergies are much more severe and debilitating. That’s why we recommend coming to see the professionals and get a skin allergy test here in Texas.

There are several symptoms of allergies (and different kinds of allergies). These can help you determine if you should come in and get a skin allergy test so we can pinpoint exactly what’s causing your allergies and how we can treat them.

Allergic Rhinitis: This is commonly referred to as hay fever. Affecting over 20% of Americans, it is the immune system overreacting to simple things like pollen, dust, and dander as if they were very harmful. This makes you sneeze and have a runny nose as if you have a cold. You can also have itchy, watery eyes, wheezing, nasal congestion, and the whole nine yards.

Anaphylaxis: This is a serious reaction that your body has after it has been exposed to an allergen. Symptoms can include abnormal breathing, chest pain, anxiety, nausea or vomiting, hives, swelling, slurred speech, and even unconsciousness.

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